First Nation, then us
In a world which is divided on the basis of so many criteria, I, Ashok Tanwar, would proudly say that my party and I, firmly believe in the concept of equality. This is why it is our priority is to involve people from all walks of life in our campaign. Be it a person from the lower strata of society or someone who has an arm and a leg missing– no one stays behind anymore!

Now let us come back to the esteemed state of Haryana. The new government is bustling but are all the aspects of the people being focused on here? The Indian National Congress proudly claims that we are dedicating a ton of focus when it comes to improving the situation of employment and education in the state. But when the state is the leading IT provider in the country, there are a few other things that fall into the cooking pot. Hence, you should know that I am putting in double time and efforts to serve each and every requirement of the people of this state.

I would also like to call forth all my young brothers and sisters, who are the bright future that this country needs and deserves. But do not be mistaken, the young will only flourish when we pave the way for them today. So, join hands with me and the Indian National Congress for a better and improved future of Haryana and the prestigious nation of India.
Youth is India’s Future
What does the word “Youth” mean? People throw it around on a daily basis but just to be very fair, the Oxford Dictionary puts it as “the period between childhood and adult age.” So why then are a group of young, to-be-adults being put under so much pressure to perform for the country. Why is it that most governments and law makers revolve around these individuals? The answer, my brothers and sisters, is simple. The youth comprise of the maximum number of people who are going to live in the next 50 years. They are the people who will formulate policies and run India later on.

Hence I, Ashok Tanwar, can proudly say that our party puts thorough emphasis on the improvement of the Indian youth and his/her facilities, needed to get on with life. We recognize the power of the youth and their importance a few years down the line. But, is just having a huge regiment of young people going to solve things? No. For them to prosper in the future my team and I, are trying our level best to create new employment opportunities for the talented, and are on a streak to empower the weak and promote the good that resides in this nation’s young and brilliant.

I would like to conclude by saying that the youth just needs a platform to fulfill their dreams as the 21st century belongs to them. Jai Hind, Jai Youth!
Every life is precious
In a world, where diseases are increasing and people are dying in an unprecedented manner, just the thought of not being able to afford medical care is scary. But we have your back and are making efforts to provide free healthcare to all poor people, kids, youngsters who cannot afford the bills and the old and helpless.

Healthcare is alarmingly the first thing that the people of the nation want right now and it would be a sore waste to negate all that. The entire state of healthcare in India and Haryana too begs to look at the facts, which state that 70% of the Indian populace lives in rural areasseldom touched with proper health facilities. This, in turn has caused immense number of deaths and lifelong diseases. We aim to change this fact and bring forward good health again.
Promise of Congress to increase harmony
Recently, a lot has been seen and heard when it comes to communal strife in India. The Dalit community has been put through tough times, the minority Muslim communities have been forced into a corner and tons of other social riff-raffs have torn the country into divisions. Haryana has witnessed its effects too. I promise to change this lowly trend of caste politics in India and work to bring more peace and harmony amidst people.

It is also my advice to everyone reading this; a great man once said that our apples are much more enjoyable when they are in a bunch. And I would like to use this highly valuable quote to tell my people of Haryana that we will not attain unity through division. To help each other at the darkest hours of humanity, to care for our fellow brothers and sisters who have been unlucky to enjoy certain aspects of life is where the noble deed lies in.
Development of the State
What is development if it never touches the masses? This is the motto that my team lives by. Sadly, this is not case with the current form of governance in our state of Haryana. It is noteworthy that the Indian National Congress is pushing the current government to apply better infrastructure and invest more in the homegrown companies and also the foreign investments to raise the level of development currently being experienced by the state.

People should know the more amounts of investment opportunities that a state develops for its economy, the more employment it generates for the citizens of the same. But to avail those employment opportunities too, it is essential that the people undergo the required training and education. This is where I would like to come in and help develop the ground infrastructure for a potential work force. It is estimated that India will require a work force of 10.3 million people, which inversely means that we will have 10.3 million jobs that will open up. We hope for your cooperation as per the above facts.
Women Empowerment
Logging in to social media sights like Facebook, Twitter and the immensely popular Youtube, one is sure to find one thing that has swept all fourtowers – Feminism. Many have laughed at it, many have condoned it, and many have taken out rallies against it. In all honesty, it is the most serious issue that has garnered attention for the good as well as the bad. But coming from a progressive political party like the INC, it is hard to ignore it.

The state of women is very poor in our country, mainly because of millennia old practices by men which entitle women to nothing more than the kitchen and a few other rights, whereas the case should have been the opposite in context to a long educated history of Indian kings and princes. Despite talking about what should have been and what should be, I, Ashok Tanwar, am proud to say that one of the leading policies in my itinerary is to promote the girl child and the improve the living conditions for rural and urban women alike. Anticipating your support in this cause to bring out the ills of humanity and eradicate it completely.